Our Services

Wellness : the routine exam
"An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure".
We apply this philosophy each time we see you and your pets. A comprehensive physical examination of your pet is often the best preventive medicine available. This is also a time to ask the veterinarian any questions you may have. We see patients by appointment Mondays through Saturdays.
In addition to a physical examination, we review diet, environment, housing, and exercise. If your pet is 'misbehaving', we will spend time with you in an extended behavioural consultation and try to understand and improve the situation.
Wellness extends to how we handle your pets. We occasionally have to restrain animals but do so with the utmost care and consideration for both you and your pet.
We also want you to stay in touch with us and feel free to call us with concerns or questions you may have. We realize you might have further questions that were not answered during the consultation time or new questions that have arisen.

Medical care in time of need
Sometimes life takes a turn for the worse and we need to tend to disease.
Our in-house diagnostic center will allow us to define the problem. Our facility offers complete x-ray, hematology, biochemistry, and parasitology services. Many tests can be analyzed within the hour to allow for rapid diagnosis and treatment.
Once we know the course of treatment to follow, in many cases you can complete the care at home. Sometimes, however, the hardest but best choice is to leave your pet with us. In the hospital, patients have their private "mini-room" to prevent disease transmission. Our technicians are skilled at caring for him or her, monitoring changes in condition, administering medication and TLC. Our staff work 7 days a week caring for hospitalized patients.

We understand emergency situations arise. As such you may need to visit our hospital immediately. All serious emergencies take immediate priority over routine procedures. Call our receptionist to receive important first aid instructions, and to allow us to be prepared for your arrival. The urgently ill animal is immediately transferred to an intensive care unit (ICU) and verified by our veterinarians. If you have an emergency when we are not open: Contact one of these veterinary emergency centers to assist you until we are open again

Surgery for your exotic pet requires expert and specialized knowledge in order to assure success. We have been performing surgeries on these species for over 30 years, keeping current with new improvements and techniques. It often amazes clients when we say that have performed a hysterectomy on a 20-gram bird. Our equipment and training in microsurgery allows us to intervene even in the smallest of species.
Our surgery is equipped with state of the art endoscopy equipment, allowing us to complete many diagnostic and surgical procedures with less trauma, less pain and with faster recuperation times than standard surgery.
Due to the unique nature of our patients, all our veterinarians and technicians are specially trained and experienced in exotic surgery procedures.

Our boarding area includes separate facilities for small birds, large birds, reptiles and mammals. This separation allows us to cater to the individual needs of each species by providing them with the environments they thrive in. We can supply a cage for your pet (free of charge) or you can bring your own. We strongly urge you to bring your pet's toys so that she has something familiar with her.
For your pet's protection the requirements for admission to our boarding facility are:

  • All animals, including reptiles, must have had a physical exam by one of our veterinarians within the last year.
  • Small birds must have had at least one treatment for external parasites in their lifetime if the bird remains in one household and has had no contact with other birds.
  • For parrots, in addition to the physical examination, tests detecting PBFD and chlamydophila are required once in a lifetime if the bird remains in one household and has had no contact with other birds.
  • Ferrets must be vaccinated against distemper. If a ferret has had a reaction to this vaccine in the past and if he has been in contact with non-vaccinated dogs or ferrets, we offer alternate boarding facilities.
  • Rabbit and rodents can receive an optional preventive treatment upon arrival against mites. (Please consult our receptionist for details).
  • If the presence of external parasites (mites or other) on a bird is suspected, he will be treated and the cage disinfected (at the owners cost).
  • If you are bringing your own cage, it must be clean on arrival; if not we will do this for you (for a fee).

We realize that pet stores carry a whole host of toys and accessories for your pet. We are not trying to be a pet store, but we do carry specialty products not readily found in pet stores. These are always verified by our veterinarians for safety and often come recommended by staff or clients and we will source them and bring them in. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas and suggestions.