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Corina Lupu, DVM, Dipl. ABVP, avian specialty

The Montreal Bird and Exotic Veterinary Hospital originated in 1977 from a realization I had as an intern in my final year at the veterinary faculty of the Université de Montréal. I became acutely aware of the absence of even basic information and medical knowledge about pet birds on the part of pet owners and veterinarians alike. Veterinary training and therefore services were inexistent, and pet birds were suffering or were being destroyed for minor medical problems. Malnutrition was rampant.

This inspired me to train with one of the few and most highly respected veterinarians in the world actively treating birds of that time: Dr Ted Lafeber Sr. After several months of working with Dr. Lafeber, I returned to Montreal, sold my dog and cat veterinary practice and in 1980 opened « The Rare Bird » in downtown Montreal, a veterinary clinic devoted exclusively to pet birds. An adjoined shop was devoted to all things birds but chiefly aimed to educate the bird owning public in proper husbandry, nutrition and care.

Education was key to me: I knew I could reduce the suffering of pet birds if owners knew how to provide the essentials of care. I spread information whichever way I could: television and radio shows, magazine and journal articles, numerous lectures to the pet owning public. I also targeted breeders and pet store owners and their personnel, aware that information must be spread to the public from the source, where people buy their birds.

My efforts to inform also included veterinarians and veterinary technicians. I taught the fledgling (pun intended) courses in avian medicine at the veterinary faculty for a number of years, and eventually courses in exotic mammals and reptiles as well.

With the addition of these non-traditional species referred to as 'exotic', by the mid-eighties, the Rare Bird became the Montreal Bird and Exotic Veterinary Hospital.

As avian and exotic medicine advanced, my career had me travelling to various cities in the US to learn new methods or share my own knowledge, often as guest lecturer for the Association of Avian Veterinarians. Finally, I obtained my Board certification in Chicago in 2002 from the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners.

It is with great pride that I have witnessed the expansion in the teaching of avian and exotic medicine at the universities and colleges so more veterinarians and veterinary technicians acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of these species. Several students extend their education with internships, residencies, and board certification. Our veterinary hospital has nurtured countless of these students over the years, through internships or employment.

The Montreal Bird and Exotic Veterinary Hospital grew out of the Rare Bird and remains a very special place. The bar is set high and we offer not only the best medical and surgical care but also the kindest and most considerate attention to your and your animal's needs.

We have three dedicated veterinarians on staff who confer with me on cases as needed. Our reception, technical and animal care staff includes some of the most competent and compassionate individuals I know.

Whether you are a client of ours or just seeking for information, I hope you will find everything you need on these pages. If not, please contact us at 514-486-5258. We'll do everything we can to help you.